Month: March 2019

benefits of long tail keyword

Benefits of long tail keywords in Local SEO

By habib1jnu 2 Comments March 20, 2019

Keyword selection is not so easy what we never think. If you want to get the perfect keyword you have to think like a consumer first. Make a list of queries you would ask if you want a service like yours one. Then make a study with these key phases to check their search volume […]

Social Bookmarking

Importance of Social Bookmarking for Local SEO

By habib1jnu 45 Comments March 14, 2019

The ultimate effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, web journals, blogs and different websites are extraordinary. Social bookmarking can present sites with others with significant tastes and drive activity and profitable backlinks to your site. Some social bookmark sites go on link juice, while some utilization the NoFollow quality. In any case, […]

Google maps listing

Why Do You Need Citation ?

By habib1jnu 2 Comments March 13, 2019

Citation listing or local link building will help you in local SEO. It will increase the local visibility in local search. Citations are especially important for businesses that operate within a limited geographic range, like a certain city, because it is in part by citations that Google can determine that a certain business is active […]

Importance of Keyword Research

Importance of Keyword Research in Local SEO

By habib1jnu 3 Comments March 13, 2019

A keyword is an informative word used in an information retrieval system. It indicates the contents of a document and is used to create a result relevant to a search query. Using the right keyword for your project or web page is now an integral part of digital marketing: the SEO game revolves around the […]