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About Universal SEO Service

We have the digital experience that stimulate and motivate using our cutting edge strategic content development and the art of online marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Outreach, Photography, Video Production, Graphics design & Branding) campaign. That helps you to boost online reputation, manage quality traffic, inflow targeted leads, and raise your conversion rate.


Initial Story

Universal SEO Service initially started out as a SEO service provider in June 2017. The Founder and CEO, Habibur Rahman was working in Online marketing industry for the last 7 years in different online platform like Odesk, Freelancer.com, Fiverr etc.

He felt the necessity of SEO for small and medium-sized business while working for business on that platforms as they were not able to compete with the big company via another marketing channel due to lack of investment. So he started the SEO Agency to help other business to send the right traffic to their business page, mobile app or on the website which is likely to convert into a customer.



Prime Goal

Our prime goal is to provide user focused online marketing service to ensure the best experience for the end user and return on investment (ROI) for any online marketing channel you may use.