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benefits of long tail keyword

Benefits of long tail keywords in Local SEO

By habib1jnu 0 Comment March 20, 2019

Keyword selection is not so easy what we never think. If you want to get the perfect keyword you have to think like a consumer first. Make a list of queries you would ask if you want a service like yours one. Then make a study with these key phases to check their search volume and other competition analysis. Filter them according to their best result.

how to add local in keywords

For local business website you should use a keyword focusing on your service and location. It with help you to detect by your consumers easily. Let’s explain by an example. If someone from Miami, Florida need a dentist, he won’t search with “dentist” only. He will search with “Dentist in Miami”. Now google will give priority in search result who has given “dentist in Miami” as its focus keyword. And that’s why local website should use best long tail keywords in their websites especially in content of the website.

google local search keyword sample

Local keywords should be used both in on page optimization and in link building too. Now a day most of the local marketing sites will ask for focus keywords in their query field. If google find a match everywhere for a distinct keyword, then it will must be given priority.


You can do the keyword analysis process with your google keyword planner tools along with other effective tools. If you have limitation in keyword selection don’t worry you can take help form experts different renowned marketplaces who are waiting to assist you.

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