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Best 15 SEO trends 2019

By habib1jnu 0 Comment August 1, 2019

Best 15 SEO trends 2019

47 foreign experts shared their views on how to optimize websites in 2019.


Search Engine Journal polled 47 SEO experts. From the answers to the question “What SEO strategies and tactics will bring better ranking results and greater revenue in 2019?” They collected recommendations for SEOs on promotion in 2019.

1. Learn user experiences and audience preferences.

In 2019, Google will pay more attention to the intentions in the formation of the issue and rank highly sites that are focused on the needs of the audience, and not on keywords.

The optimizer needs to understand what content it prefers – text, audio, video or images, and in what form it expects an answer to the request. Experts advise you to change the way you collect keywords and check the results of competitor analysis to see if they take into account the intent. If in the top issue on request catalogs of goods, and you have an information blog, then proceed to the analysis of the next phrase.

It worked in 2018: Brian Dean from Backlinko found that his once popular SEO case study material from Google’s top tag moved to the second page, and traffic dropped to 4-5 people a day.

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Organic traffic declined over time.

He studied the materials of competitors from the top and realized that users are more interested in checklists on the topic, rather than cases, there are more novices among the audience, and the current year is indicated in all top materials of competitors. Brian finalized the article: designed in the form of a check-list, added points and examples, indicated the year, inserted a table of contents and a video with additional materials.

Statistics began to grow: organic traffic has grown, the article has risen to fifth place on the first page of issue on Google and holds on to this position.

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The growth of traffic after the completion of the article

Even well-written and optimized content will not help the business if it is not intended for the target audience. The interests, tastes, and preferences of readers can change rapidly, so keep track of user requests and update content, as Brian Dean did.

Experts advise you to choose what to spend time and budget on: optimize material for long-term ranking or focus on the final stages of the sales funnel, where buyers are motivated and more likely to buy the product.

Focus not on popular keywords, but on user needs and give them what they want to see.


2. Attract audiences across platforms.

SEO now is not only optimization for search engine requirements, but also work with other sites to attract traffic. It is not enough to take the first line in the issuance of Google, you need to penetrate all channels where users are looking for a solution to their needs. If potential customers are looking for apps, you need to take a seat in the app stores, if they are looking for podcasts or videos, you need to find sites that are popular with your audience and promote them.

According to a study by AppAnnie in the second quarter of 2018, global mobile application downloads are breaking records. Worldwide, over the second quarter of 2018, more than 28.4 billion applications were downloaded via iOS and Google Play, and only new downloads were counted without updates and reinstallations. The index has grown from last year by 15%. Also in this quarter, users spent the most money on applications – $ 18.5 billion on iOS and Google Play. On an annualized basis, the indicator grew by more than 20%.

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IOS and Google Play in the second quarter of 2018

Digital strategies specialist and SEO consultant Kristin Schächinger believes that shops and commercial brands need to start optimizing websites for audio devices and home helpers. Some Western experts believe that Amazon and Apple have already penetrated Google search domination.

Create content for different platforms used by consumers, do not limit your search engine search.


3. Use micromarking

Now Google uses the Mobile-first index to generate the issue and gradually transfers the websites to it. This means that the algorithm focuses on the mobile version of the site, when it generates the issue for viewing on the mobile and on the desktop.

Experts from the survey believe that in 2019, Google will go to the AI-first, and artificial intelligence will form the issue. Google Inc CEO Sundar Pichai in 2017 said that Google focused on the development of artificial intelligence technologies, which is based on contextual information and machine learning. Some tools are already used in the Google search engine: Google Photos’ built-in algorithms determine people, places and objects in photos, RankBrain allows the search engine to better understand what people are looking for and how the indexed content matches requests.

AI perceives structured data, thanks to which it quickly scans information, so experts advise optimizers to study the active and passive behavior of a search engine in order to understand how to structure content and optimize it for AI to rank higher. Optimizers are already using information architecture, tags and metadata to feed content to search engines, and in 2019 the trend will be structural markup.



4. Analyze, build reports and create content using machine learning.


In 2019, a machine learning boom is expected. It can already be seen in the search using RankBrain, Google News and other services. Thanks to him, the best places to get get resources that are focused on user needs, that is, intents, and not questions.

Experts believe that companies should use machine learning to develop unique content for SEO, starting with a dataset based on specific variables. Analysis and reporting, built on machine learning, will help test new strategies and understand the causes of success and failure.

Collecting and analyzing data using machine learning will allow you to create more accurate forecasts and reports.


5. Create custom content.

Updates of the Google algorithm in 2018 showed that Google began to pay more attention to assessing the quality and depth of content coverage. Company

Perficient Digital monitored the SEO performance of several sites of different directions and realized that within the year, projects with content that showed the greatest depth of coverage rose in the ranking.

In 2019, updates will continue. Most likely, Google will encourage sites that give the user the best all-round experience. The content strategy in SEO in 2019 should include not just answers to audience inquiries and driving traffic to the page, but guide users to the next action in the funnel.

Experts believe that the blog in which experts advise and help users will bring more success. If the editor has a goal – just to support the blog, releasing periodic content, then this strategy will not help the promotion.

Focus on the quality of content: it is better to publish rare, but deep and useful materials.


6. Work on the trust and authority of the site

EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust) – expertise, credibility and reliability – is another trend in Google recommendations for search quality rating in 2019. The quality of promotion depends on the content; you cannot create expert articles if you do not have authority in your field. Companies need to pursue their brand, maintain expertise and reputation. For this there is a set of actions for managing reputation in search engines – SERM.

The level of knowledge is what Google is looking for to improve the quality of results. Experts advise hiring experts for consultations, attracting their employees to the blog and interviews, and showing expertise to become a permanent source of information for journalists in their field.

Work on your authority and create expert content that you can trust.


7. Invest in technical SEO

Technical SEO is the main focus of investment in 2019. Experts identify key areas of the technical side of SEO:

Google takes into account the download speed when ranking, pessimizes very slow resources. 2019, the issuance will consist of fast sites, experts hope that most optimizers will accelerate the load.

Check website download speed and get recommendations for free.

Experts suggest that more sites will be focused on JavaScript, so they recommend that you familiarize yourself with this programming language and explore how search engines work with such sites.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
PWA is a version of the site that works offline, you can add it to your phone screen as an application. Now many companies do not need it, but in 2019 it is worth thinking about how the project will work in such a format as it should be, so that users would like to add it to the smartphone’s shortcut screen.
Watch out for site specifications: speed up downloads, navigate through JavaScript, and think about the future implementation of PWA.

8. Do internal optimization


Optimizing the page and working with links will still be important. Most optimizers forget that SEO is not a “put the keys and forget” tactic, you need to do optimization all the time – update key phrases, meta tags, test new mechanics.

Western SEO experts advise to pay attention to the signs of an optimized site that they highlight:

  • Content answers user questions.
  • An internal site search provides relevant results.
  • Fast conversion: time reduction from brand acquaintance to purchase.
  • Regular customers can quickly purchase products that buy frequently.
  • Helpdesk answers questions quickly.
  • Chat bots ease the load: answer common questions and help with procedural tasks.
  • Users understand how to find a physical office or store.
  • Buyers can track the processing stages of their orders.
  • Internal page optimization is not a one-time job, you need to update the keys and refine the materials so that they remain in trend.

9. Optimize for voice search.

In the past decade, experts each year have said that the next year will have a boom in voice search until it becomes a kind of joke. But in 2019, voice search is developed rather poorly.

According to the BrightLocal Study for 2018, 58% of consumers searched for information about local companies using voice search, 46% used it daily. 25% of consumers have not tried local voice search yet. Most often, voice requests are looking for restaurants, grocery stores and food delivery.

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Answers of respondents about the use of voice search

The data are valid for foreign countries; in Russia, voice search is less developed. There are no statistics on voice search in Russia, but Altera assumes that about 8–9% of Russians between the ages of 12 and 64 use voice search based on the fact that 57,905 thousand make inquiries from their mobile and about 15% use voice by input.

According to experts, for the majority of companies, optimization costs for voice search will not pay off, but in 2019 more companies will learn an optimization strategy for voice queries. This is due to the fact that even voice requests are easier to do, but they do not help to get relevant output by complex requests – for example, compare several services or products.

Multinational and multilingual sites will face difficulty in optimizing for voice: requests will vary greatly by country, region, dialect, and even social class.


10. Optimize content for enhanced snippets and other SERP features.

Quick-answer snippets, blocks with recipes, carousels and other search results take away some of the organic traffic. This makes SEO even more important, because besides visibility in search results, the site needs clicks.

Optimization for getting to the zero position (in the advanced snippet) and other search functions remains an important trend in 2019. Experts point out that when they managed to create a multitude of many advanced snippets for their own or client sites, this leads to a significant increase in organic traffic.

Read on:
How to get into the block with the answers to Google

Try to use all the features of the SERP: get into the extended snippets, carousels and other blocks that overwhelm some of the organic traffic.

These are the main trends of SEO in 2019, experts highlighted other important optimization factors.


11. Optimize your site with Mobile-First Indexing

Google considers mobile versions of sites as a priority when distributing rankings in both mobile and desktop downloads, so optimize your sites for mobile.


12. Develop brand

Google prefers large brands, they get a better ranking with fewer backlinks. The gap between small and big brands is accelerating, the audience chooses companies that they trust. Focus on brand building campaigns for your business.

13. Follow usability and engagement metrics.

User engagement is one of the ranking metrics. Google pays attention to bounce rates and the time the audience spends on the page. If the user clicked on the site from the first line of issue, and then returned to the SERP, then the page from the first line does not respond to his request, it should be lowered. You need to optimize the page to delay the user and reduce the number of failures: use video, interesting and easy-to-read content.


14. Increase social cues

Social activity is the activity of users on the company’s social network pages. It shows the correlation with the ranking of the site in the issuance, the trend is valid for paid promotion, and for organic issuance. Content with a lot of social activity gets more backlinks and better positions in the SERP, so get business pages on social networks and start working with them.


15. Create video content

The video increases the involvement and time of user sessions on the site, and also leads traffic from other sites – experts rate YouTube as the second most popular search engine (valid for foreign SEO). According to Cisco estimates, by 2021, video will be 80% of Internet traffic; in 2019, experts recommend trying this content format for your business.

All the factors listed above are the trends of 2019, but the importance of content and links will not diminish in 2019, these are still the main factors shaping the ranking in Google. Create long quality texts to help users, and increase the number of backlinks.

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