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Google latest update 2019

By habib1jnu 0 Comment August 1, 2019

Google latest update 2019

On June 3, started a large-scale update of the basic algorithm of Google. This search engine team reported in its official account on Twitter. Recommendations for webmasters remain the same.

Google Latest Update 2019

A full update usually takes from 1 to 2 weeks. No special action is required. Google continues to improve search results, consider more factors for high-quality rankings and better understand user search queries. Recall, Google recently announced that Mobile-First will be the default indexing for all new domains.

Google Analytics interface

Overview of recent changes to the Google Analytics interface. Google Analytics has updated the control panel interface and the space for working with reports. At the heart of the design and operation of the Google Analytics dashboard is Material Design, which you can get acquainted with here. Perhaps at the time of the preparation of this material in your account has not yet occurred the changes described below.

1. Simplify navigation Now all the main points needed to work with Google Analytics are in the left menu. Let me remind you that earlier the main menu looked as follows:

Simplyfy site nevigation

In the new version, the panel is removed and all the main menu items are on the left:

All menu in the left UniversalSEOService

2. All user settings and definitions are collected in one place. To access them, select the Special reports item and you will be able to work with: Summaries (or dashboards, are used to display the necessary information on the same page using various charts, indicators, tables); Custom reports (used to build specialized reports that are not among the standard ones); Shortcuts (similar to shortcuts in Windows, are created on frequently used reports, including standard reports with changes made); Notifications (used to inform in case of a significant change in key metrics for you).

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3. Navigation between accounts, resources and views Instead of the item “Home Page” it is now necessary to use the element located in the upper left corner:

Universal SEO Service

After clicking on it with the left mouse button, the list of accounts is displayed, selecting an account you will see its counters or resources, selecting a resource displays views.

4. Login to the latest submission Google Analytics now “remembers” the view you were working on before ending the session. After re-authorization you will be taken directly to the previously used representation.

5. Date Interval

Google Analytics “default” now uses a period of seven days. If you need to change it, go to the user settings and specify the desired value:

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6. To be excluded from Google Analytics

Avoid using automatic alerts:

Universal SEO Service

In this case, the alerts you create will work as before, but as I wrote above, they are now in the following section of the menu:

Universal SEO Service

Also, the report Statistics page is no longer available:

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