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How social media marketing help businesses to get leads

By habib1jnu 0 Comment September 20, 2019

What is social media marketing?

Social media Marketing is a branch of marketing that starts with the use of commercial strategies designed to take advantage of all the possible tools of a company when developing its activity in social networks. A branch that, in addition, has become especially important in recent years.

The large number of users who move on platforms such as Twitter , Facebook or even Instagram has led to this type of marketing has become one of the main assets in any strategy that is carried out today. The ease to achieve a great reach, and also the potential to get a greater connection with the audience have been its main triggers.

Social networks have become one of the biggest focus of study for marketing specialists. Developing a good strategy in these digital environments is not something that depends only on the message, it also depends on when it is launched, on how it is launched and before which eyes it is launched. It requires a deep preliminary study and a great knowledge of both the audience and the type of user who move through the platform in question.

The complexity of Social Media Marketing is greater than it seems at first glance, for that reason, it is not surprising that there are figures such as Social Media specialists , totally dedicated to making the most of the USSR.

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What is social media marketing for?

Social media Marketing serves, first, to get a closer approach to the public. Given the easy interaction that is enhanced in this environment, the connection between brand and consumer can be made directly, with hardly any complications.

Thus, campaigns with a high percentage of success can be launched, but also generate interest in the brand. The number of leads is increased with relative ease and, above all, the brand image is enhanced. In fact, the latter is the most interesting point and the one that can be further promoted with social media strategies.

Examples of Social Media Marketing

There are many examples of Social Media Marketing, since there are a lot of brands and users moving in these digital sector environments. The initiatives are
followed daily with proposals and ideas of all kinds, some more and others less effective.

If you want to see specific cases, you can read this post with examples of successful campaigns on social networks.

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What is social media advertising?

The advertising Social Networks or Social Ads are a resource that for a while businesses can help to reach more people via the Internet. We could define it as internal platforms of the Social Networks themselves that by means of a payment, seek the attention of users and achieve their objectives either reach, branding or conversion.

While it is true that it is a fairly recent online marketing tool, it has already become one of the most powerful weapons for both large and small businesses.

If you are new to using Social Networks as a marketing tool after watching this video of the famous Hootsuite tool, everything will be much clearer

If you are looking for more information on social media marketing, we can offer more through related content. Check out the posts we link below to expand and learn more about it, as well as other important elements in this field. We hope you can take advantage of it.

Approximately 70% of Internet users interact every day in trendy Social Networks , so imagine the amount of opportunities you are missing today if your marketing strategy is not aimed at advertising on Social Networks .

Its benefits are unquantifiable and its disadvantages compared to conventional advertising none.

That is why it is important that both if you have an offline business and if you are an e-commerce owner, consider this tool for your investment in digital marketing.

If a few weeks ago we focused on advertising on Facebook Ads, today we want to talk a little more about all the Social Networks that also have advertising platforms so you can choose the one that suits you best depending on the objectives you are looking to achieve.

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Why advertise on social networks? Advantage

We still have not convinced you that social media advertising is one of the most powerful tools that exist today for your business? Ok, you are hard to crack. Nothing happens, in that section we will mention the 8 advantages of Social Networks   that will not leave you indifferent.

Visible results quickly

While it is true that working on a good content strategy and interacting with your audience it is also possible to get visibility and online presence for your brand; The advantage offered by social media advertising is the speed with respect to organic.

Probably the objectives you can achieve with a well structured campaign in Facebook Ads would be the same as with a good organic strategy it would take months to achieve.

Your potential audience multiplies

With social media advertising, your business extends to the entire Network. Your target audience expands and your potential audience multiplies almost infinitely. You can get there wherever you want. 2.7 billion users in the world have Social Networks; 19.2 million in Spain. They spend an average of 5 hours a day connected, what do you want to sell them?

Geographic and temporary barriers are removed

Especially if you have an off-line business this point benefits you. With advertising on Social Networks your business will have a showcase open to the world all day. You no longer need people to stand in front of your door to see what products you sell. You can show it to yourself and make them want to buy it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is a very profitable system

Social Networks allow you to make an advertising campaign without wasting your budget. You will only pay for those users who see your ad so the investment will be total. In addition, the price per click on this type of platform is usually quite economical, so with little investment we will obtain very acceptable results; that is, the cost of advertising in Social Networks is much lower than in conventional advertising.

Therefore, among many other reasons, social media advertising is accessible for any volume of business and for any type of investment whatever your budget.

It allows you to segment the detail

Possibly the main advantage of this type of advertising. The Social Networking Advertising lets you prepare, aim and shoot very exclusive public.

For example; If I have an online luggage store, I can segment my campaign to such an extent that I could choose to show men and women between the ages of 20 and 35, who live throughout Spain, who like to travel and even who have returned of a trip in the last two months. Can you imagine the amount of possibilities offered by this type of segmentation for any business?

You can control your budget

You choose how much you invest, when you invest and where you invest your budget.

From two euros a day to millions of euros that large multinationals can invest. The social media advertising rates are fully customizable. From a campaign that lasts a few hours for Mother’s Day to a branding strategy of network advertising for 6 months in a row. You choose.

You can choose the format that suits you

The classic image ads with text or carousel, an interactive video, a form, a photo gallery … countless possibilities to choose from to adapt to what you need.

You can analyze the detail of your campaign

The advertising platforms themselves have a large number of very intuitive analytics available to the user that makes it even easier to analyze the results of the campaign without needing a master’s degree in statistics.

In addition, they provide us with real-time statistics that allow us to keep up to date with everything that is happening with our campaign and even be able to optimize it if we see that the results are not being expected.

More effective networks to advertise on Social Networks

Almost all Social Networks, if not all, have an advertising platform to create campaigns; Although it is true that it is probably these 6 that we list below the most commonly used by most companies.

Facebook Ads, the most used advertising tool.

Also in this Facebook sends. Predominates above the others. With 1.5 billion active users, it is almost always a good choice for your social media advertising campaigns . In addition, its infinite formatting possibilities and its very complete ad manager platform place it today on the podium of social media advertising. Surely you’ve seen it but if not, see our Facebook Ads tutorial.

Instagram Ads, the campaigns with the greatest impact.

This social network is closely linked to Facebook, so advertising management is done through the Facebook Ads platform. We are in the era of the visual and that Instagram knows. In a few years this Social Network has gone from 30 million active users to more than the 400 million it has today.

The ads on Instagram sneak between the posts of the other users, simply differentiating themselves with a small sign with the word “Advertising”.

In addition, recently it also gives us the option to create ads for their famous Stories; This fact definitely makes it even more attractive for small and large companies that already use it today for their marketing strategy.

Twitter Ads, advertising at unbeatable prices.

The fundamental objective of advertising on this Social Network is to increase the reach of companies’ tweets and get more interaction with their community. On Twitter we will pay for bone interactions, for the times that the user shares, retweets or makes one of our posts favorite. Promoted tweets behave exactly like those that are not, with the only difference that they have an impact capacity and reach much greater than the rest.

Youtube Ads, the most visual advertising.

The video makes a difference. We all know about content creation. Our brain processes 60000 times faster a video information than a static image, so it is important to take into account all the advertising that allows us to include this type of content.

The ads on YouTube can be similar to television advertising and has 4 different possibilities of ads (TrueView, Display, Overlay and In Stream videos) so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Pinterest Ads, increase sales with a pin.

Although Pinterest has already begun to move about it and leave clear signs that something is coming today, in Spain it is not possible to advertise on this Social Network but it should be prepared since we know that it is falling and that when it is available It will be a reef for countless sectors such as decoration, crafts, design or fashion … A perfect option for your  social media campaigns.

Linkedin Ads, B2B advertising campaigns.

The B2B Social Network also has an advertising platform. For what? Well, to make your brand known, so that references from your sector know you and interact with you, to gain notoriety and to go further in your business. We can choose between promoting advertisements or disseminating promoted news and launching users directly to your website or to the company profile of the Network itself.

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