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Importance of Keyword Research

Importance of Keyword Research in Local SEO

By habib1jnu 0 Comment March 13, 2019

A keyword is an informative word used in an information retrieval system. It indicates the contents of a document and is used to create a result relevant to a search query. Using the right keyword for your project or web page is now an integral part of digital marketing: the SEO game revolves around the choice of the right keywords.

Keyword tools
The search for keywords is today extremely facilitated by many tools. Keyword tools help in the optimization of content for publication on the Web. Many of these tools are also free.

  • Keyword planner: This free Google tool has been created so that advertisers can determine the appropriate keywords for their advertising. It can be perfectly used as a tool to help content creation and keyword targeting of a website.
  • Google Suggest: This is initially not a tool but rather a function of Google. If you want to identify queries closely associated with a sentence, you only need to enter the main keyword in the search bar and you will immediately receive the applicable terms associated with it.
  • Google Trends: With this keyword tool, you can determine trends in the popularity of search terms as well as analyze historical search data. This is particularly interesting because of the ability to adjust the geographic filters.
  • Soovle: This tool uses many well known search engines like Google, Amazon, YouTube or Yahoo to find the relevant keywords. If a user enters a keyword in the search bar, he will immediately obtain complementary and similar proposals to the search indicated from the search engines.
  • WikiMindMap: this tool allows the creation of mental maps with similar terms, based on Wikipedia articles.

Importance of Keyword Research

Importance in on-page optimization

From the point of view of technical optimization for search engines, a keyword is an important part of a web page because it plays a role in determining the importance of a document. The search engine uses a keyword analyzer and checks to see if a page matches the search query made by the user. The proximity or similarity of the keyword is another decisive factor.

It is advisable to match the search words in the meta title, the meta description, the header and the context with a central or main keyword. If no coherence is identified, the search engine may consider that the website is not sufficiently interesting and relevant to a specific keyword and therefore will position it lower in the search results, or will not list it. at all in the SERPs. Currently, there is no distinction between upper and lower case for keywords because Google interprets all searches based on lowercase. In the future however, Google could introduce this aspect into the search.

Too frequently used keywords on a page (also known as keyword stuffing) can also result in an exclusion from search engine indexing. A degradation of the classification can also occur.

Reasonable use of the most important keywords is recommended within a page. An HTML document should be ideally oriented around a single keyword. With a good analysis of the keywords of your own industry or branch, you can find in advance the right keywords for your website.


Importance in off-page optimization

The setting up of internal and external links is very dependent on the context in which and with which the hypertext links are added. Targeted keywords must be present so link building can be associated with an idea or concept.

Since its update Panda, Google is very close to the external anchored texts of a page. If a text link is used too frequently, the page can be penalized, or even the entire domain. If a keyword is used in a bad context or classified by Google as inappropriate (as a bad keyword), the page may also be devalued. The SEO of a page can instead be improved if many variations are used in a text link and positioned in a natural way and providing real added value to users.

Importance of Keyword Research

Importance for Google Ads

Google Ads bases its advertising system on keywords. Campaigns and ad groups are created with and for a specific keyword. In Google Ads as well as in SEO, it is particularly recommended to give importance to the search volume of a certain keyword: this allows to have an estimation of the potential volume of visitors who carry out a research for this keyword in particular. The search volume can be quickly determined with the Keyword Tool.



More and more people are surfing the web while connected to a Google account. For some time, however, keywords used by a visitor to find a website are no longer shown in reports. Google is protecting more and more personal data and these are no longer publicly available. If the number of connected users continues to grow, it can become even more difficult for webmasters to optimize their website on the simple basis of a keyword.

The most searched keywords each year are listed in Google Zeitgeist and therefore visible to every webmaster or SEO professional. It is made possible for them to detect future trends.

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