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Local marketing strategies for small businesses

Top 15 places where your local customers spend more time

By habib1jnu 0 Comment September 10, 2019

Today we will talk about local Marketing, how to take advantage of your connection with the closest community, the people who integrate it and the physical proximity with customers to guide your marketing efforts more effectively.

As a business owner, you want your company to succeed. Investing in marketing is vital to that success, but many small businesses cannot waste or save time on high-priced advertising campaigns.

Today we will show you:

  • What is local marketing?
  • Who can benefit from local marketing?
  • Why are local customers important?
  • Where to find your local customers?

In today’s digital age, technology allows us to obtain customers from all over the world. While this is ideal for corporate giants that are increasingly expanding.

What about small businesses? How can they get more local customers when they compete against large companies with a global presence?

local traffic overview

There is no marketing strategy that is magical

There is not a magic formula. Many people approach the marketers as if we had the magic wand of a fairy godmother and with about 3 touches everything will be resolved … well NO, it does not exist.

The objective of marketing is to connect the value of your business with your  correct clients or objectives . It is a simple concept, but it can take a million different shades.

  • What demographic data make up your customer base?
  • Where they live?
  • Where do they hang out when they are online?
  • How do you look for products in your niche?
  • Who do you listen to when making decisions regarding your product?

The answers to these questions determine which marketing strategies will be viable and which will be a waste of time. In other words, the key to success for your business is not Facebook ads. It is not SEO. Nor is it a network of conferences.

There is no magic and universal strategy that will revolutionize your business. I literally have no idea what will work for you, because I don’t know you. I don’t know anything about your business. I don’t know your customers

Location-based marketing is part of our daily lives as consumers. Even when we are not specifically looking for a service provider near us or a product at the El Corte Inglés store,  for example, search engines will still share the most relevant local results with us.

As a business owner, you should take advantage of this, even when you are far, far away.

What is local marketing?

Local marketing, also known as “location-based marketing,” is the process of optimizing your website and online advertising to help drive traffic and awareness in localized regions.

This type of marketing is specifically aimed at all those potential clients that live in the community around their business. Why is this type of marketing so useful?  For a very simple reason:

Google’s algorithm uses the location of a search engine to serve the relevant local businesses.

This means that your company has a greater opportunity to fight against your non-local competitors through local SEO.

Local marketing takes advantage of this, providing tools, tactics and strategies to facilitate the conversion of local traffic into sales, either online or in person.

Who can benefit from local marketing?

Brands of all sizes can benefit from local marketing.

This is because local marketing is not just about tagging some location-specific keywords in product descriptions and calling it per day.

It’s about adopting a more specific approach with your audience and doing it in a way that seems more personal. Both consumers and search engines are very supportive of hyper localized marketing, so now is the time to make it work for your brand.

Why are local customers important?

For small businesses to thrive, they need local customers. For those products that are purchased in the store or whose services are provided locally, it is especially important to have a local physical presence.

Without local customers, a local business cannot succeed. The stronger your brand is and the more recognized your business name is in your local community, the more sustainable your growth will be.

Find where your local customers spend more time

The first step to attract more customers is to find the people who will be most interested in your products or services. These people make up your target market, or the group of people that are the best option for your business.

Know your business and your community well. Where do people who will be your best customers live, work, play or spend their time?  Use this knowledge to reach these people where they already are.

1. School and community events

Depending on your target audience, you can benefit by participating in school-related or community-related events, such as church groups or networking events.

Most likely, you are already involved in one, but in more organizations, so be sure to always carry business cards with you in case someone asks you about your business.

While it should not be overly promotional, it is more than correct to mention your business when it is relevant in the context of the conversation.

2. Connect with local influencers

Do you know a local blogger or influencer whom people trust?  Meet that person or group of people and offer them a free service or product.

Getting someone with a strong local influence to test your business means that you can endorse your product to your followers.

3. Newspaper and story announcements

Social networks are huge, but that does not mean that newspapers do not yet have a place in the world. If you have a local newspaper that people read, try advertising in it.

Better yet, save money and do something of journalistic interest. Tell the local newspaper about an event you are organizing and offer to provide internal access for a story!

4. Charity events and sponsorships

One of the best ways to put your business name in front of an audience of parents and members of the local community is to put your name on something.

Donate to a charity or sponsor a local sports team or charity event in exchange for your company name on t-shirts or posters.

Not only will you donate your money to a good cause, but your business will be right in front of a captive audience!

5. Partner with local businesses

Another local marketing strategy for your business is to take advantage of local business alliances. When associated with other companies in the area, each company obtains visibility from the other’s customer base, thus doubling its reach, for free!

Local associations also add credibility to their business and strengthen their links with the community in general. The partnership with local companies offers more potential customers the opportunity to know your business.

6. Local hashtags

A simple tool that you can use to attract more local customers is by using hashtags in addition to location tags in your social networks.

When used correctly, you can involve local customers with their social media accounts and make your business easier to find for users who browse there.

Use local hashtags for your city, state or town. People looking for and using local hashtags will have a better chance of finding their business in this way.

In order to optimize your social media accounts for SEO, be sure to include your company name, website and a brief description of what you do in your social media profiles.

In terms of winning local customers, adding your location to each social platform you use can help make your business even more visible to those in the area. Your location is just another keyword that people can search to locate your business on the map.

7. Facebook ads

With the Facebook ad platform, you can specifically target customers based on their geographic location.

Facebook’s technology is now so advanced that it can target specific customers based on the street they live on. This means that you can ensure that your Facebook ads really show to customers in the area. For more information about Facebook ads.

8. Use location tags on social networks

Social networks are an excellent way to generate noise (of course it is positive) about your business.

To get local customers, use a location tag when posting. A location tag puts your business on the map, making it easy for local customers to find your business on Facebook or Instagram.

9. Flyers

The brochures are not just for garage sale and find your lost pet; It is another fast and easy local marketing strategy that can help attract more local customers.

Print as many copies as you think you will need and deliver them in an area with many potential customers. Supermarkets, festivals and local sports stadiums are good places for your local community to learn more about your business.

10. User reviews

Previous customer reviews can help you get more local customers. Good and bad reviews can be spread quickly throughout the community, so do your best to make sure your current customers are satisfied with your business.

If they are not, ask them why and maybe you can even offer them an incentive to come back and give your business another chance.

11. Post to Facebook groups

Another way to use Facebook to attract local customers is with Facebook Groups. Search Facebook in local groups, including business network groups, industry-related groups, or even parent sales groups!

Joining the groups in which your target market is located and posting your content on them makes group members more likely to get involved with your business.

12. Word of mouth

The most traditional form of marketing use is word of mouth marketing, it still attracts customers to this day.

The spread of the word about your company, its products and its services to the whole community can make people get more involved and talk about your business. Be friendly and encourage customers to share their experiences with your business in the hope that their social circles will also be interested in your business.

13. Create an event on Facebook

With more than 1.65 billion active users, it is not surprising that Facebook can be a great tool to attract more local customers.

Every time you have an event, create a Facebook event for him and send invitations. Organize an event and make an event on Facebook so that it will increase the visibility of your event and business and help more people interested in attending.

14. Create local events

Do not wait for an event to occur; Create one! A small and simple meeting at your location or hosted by your company can go a long way in the community.

These events do not always have to be directly related to your products or services. Simply providing an opportunity for people to meet, meet, learn and eat is a way to add value and show the community that you care about them.

If you are struggling to find ideas or themes, take advantage of relevant local parties and events . Even if you get low participation, meeting new people and connecting with your community can help you learn a couple of things about the area. You can even learn some ways to improve your services.

15. Attend local events

Attending local events can help you get customers in the community. In many towns and cities across the country, community events occur weekly.

If your company is located in a metropolitan area, there are often handicrafts and trade fairs near you.

Sign up for events that you think your target audience will attend, and promote your business in these functions to attendees.

Local events attract local crowds, which can help your company win more customers in the area. Be kind, offer incentives to interact with you and your business, and meet as many potential customers as you can.



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