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Best tips for website design

Website Design – 4 Tips to keep on Mind

By habib1jnu 0 Comment October 9, 2019

Website  Design – Important considerations

The search for your Website Design isn’t confined to the LCD screen of your customer’s personal computer. Nor is there a reason for it to be so, with the scientists on the mission to inventing a compact version of everything. The rate at which the use of mobile phones for various purposes is escalating, there is no surprise that the business that do not abide by the latest norms of technology tend to fail in attracting customers.

Your website design doesn’t only have to be for PCs users ; various gadgets such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones have taken the online market by storm and would stop at nothing when it comes to offering convenience for performing routinely tasks. The users who are coming from a wide array of devices to your website need the adjustable mode of the website for a convenient browsing experience on their handy gadgets of varying screen sizes.

responsive website design

Responsive Website  Design is the savior for the online businesses that plan on facilitating their customers and increasing the web traffic at any cost. Well the cost might not be sky rocketing but whatever it is, it is totally worth it.

Following are some of the tips for better responsive website designs:

1.     Keep in Mind the Term ‘Responsive’ Website Design

When planning a website design, it is imperative to keep the term ‘responsive’ / ‘Mobile Friendly’ in mind so as to include all the essential aspects in your website. The site layout should be designed while keeping in mind its adjust ability for the most popular screen Mobile Devices like Cell Phones, iPod and operating systems.

2.     Add what’s absolutely necessary

While your website design might have been dolled up to attract website traffic with a lot of graphical content leaving no stone unturned, but that isn’t the case when it is responsive web design you’re thinking of.  Some of the website design elements are unnecessary for the mobile users, and adding them would only cram the website, making it hard to navigate on the smaller screen sizes like Mobile Phones and iPod. However, you could design a different version for mobile devices, or you could filter the important data on all the versions of your website.

3.     The Flexible Images

No one can deny the importance of image flexibility when it is about responsive web design. The idea is to keep the Website Design less complicated so that the images are easily adjustable for the majority of screen sizes. This could simply be done by an online tool Adaptive Images which automatically detects the screen size of the device and provides the website with the re-sized and re-scaled version of the website’s images. This would help your users to save the additional cost on the bandwidth if the device is slower than usual.

4.     Do not Complicate Navigation

The navigation through a website is easy for PC or laptop users, but it might become too much of a hassle for the mobile device users who find it difficult to move about the screen on their smaller screens and amidst a complicated set of menu options. Make it simple or create a single option for the entire menu list if you wish to add various navigation options, so the page does not look cluttered.

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