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Local Marketing

What is Local Marketing and what companies can implement it?

By habib1jnu 0 Comment October 10, 2019

Local marketing, also known as neighborhood marketing, is a type of marketing that is focused on a community around a physical store or restaurant. That is, promotional messages are directed to a local target audience, rather than the mass market. In practice, local marketing can take different forms , since sometimes, many local businesses contact consumers directly via email, city events, local team sponsorships or advertisements in the city newspaper.

Who uses Local Marketing?

This type of marketing is mainly used by small businesses, shops and restaurants that have a single location or exit. Franchise business owners can also use local marketing to promote specific locations as a way to complement the regional or national marketing campaigns of their largest franchise.

Local marketing allows a company to develop a solid base of crescents in the immediate vicinity of its business. It is estimated that the standard radius of influence that is achieved with this type of marketing is approximately 16 km, however it is possible that it is even smaller in more urban areas where local traffic, as well as the density of neighborhood is much higher.

Advantages of using local marketing in an advertising campaign

The local marketing is a tried and true way to reach consumers , with which can greatly attract attention. If you have a national brand or simply have a single location company, here are a number of advantages of using local marketing in an advertising campaign:

  • Most relevant audience
  • Create associations
  • Other marketing possibilities
  • Saving money
  • Take advantage of word of mouth marketing

In the end it is also convenient to track the results as would be done with a social strategy. Then you have to eliminate what does not work and focus on what generates benefits.


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